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Easy-to-deploy IIoT Edge Processing

Industrial IoT solutions enable smarter, more efficient operations through advanced data processing and intelligent controls. RevoEdge gateways makes it easy to integrate modern processing into your next project providing a true, modern industrial edge processing solution. With integrated IO, this gateway simplifies deployments by eliminating the need for additional hardware. This appliance level device makes it easy to deploy monitoring, controls, and edge analytics to your next project.

RevoEdge ships with Inductive Automation Ignition based SCADA gateway, pre-configured with the I/O. Setup in minutes using the familiar, intuitive UI and deploy your projects with easy.

Ready to Deploy

Our hardware doesn't waste time. It comes ready to run out of the box. Simply deploy the hardware, and configure it remotely over the network.

Ignition Onboard

RevoEdge comes pre-loaded with powerful SCADA software: Inductive Automation's Ignition.

Remote Updates

Save time and money by managing RevoEdge gateways remotely. Secure connections enable you to connect and deliver software updates with ease.


It’s Way More Than Hardware When Ignition is Onboard

When you purchase RevoEdge with Ignition Onboard, congratulations – your Edge device is one of the most powerful industrial automation solutions on the planet!

RevoEdge Gateway
$750 USD

Starting from

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  • Ready to deploy industrial-class gateway
  • Best-in-class support and warranty with hardware cross-ship and remote diagnostics 
  • Easy-to-configure UI
  • Expandable with I/O modules to support a wide variety of applications
RevoEdge Gateway Subscription
$129 USD / Mo

Starting from

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  • Perpetual Hardware Warranty
  • Remote Monitoring options
  • Wired or Wireless connectivity options 
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