While working on Ignition 8, the software team behind the entire endeavor has decided to greet their users with the 7.9.9 version which comes with over 40 improvements. Known as an all-in-one platform for industrial automation, Ignition has proven to be a quality solution that allows you to seamlessly connect all your data, design any industrial application, and web-deploy unlimited clients to anyone in an instant. So, you should know that total system integration has made another step forward. And while we hope that you’ll be excited (as we are) about all the all the new features of the Ignition 8, you should know that Inductive Automation also hasn’t stopped working on Ignition 7.9.

Ignition 7.9.9 Brings Smoother Mobile Connections

What the v7.9 brought along were improved troubleshooting, at-a-glance informational tools that allowed for more in-depth insight into what’s happening, annotated logging system, first-class multi-monitor support in the Vision Module, internal user source password policies, and many other features.

The Ignition Mobile Module is one of the new features in Ignition 7.9.9, and it allows users to use Ignition on mobile devices that can’t support Java. This way, it lets the users take the software wherever they need to go on their plant floor.

One of the major issues that users face is network failure. Even if the device is working correctly, in real time the networks happen to drop connections, leaving Ignition session to automatically reconnect (when the project is set up for auto-login.) However, when the software can’t reconnect and continually keeps trying, the users can get frustrated. But things are only as they are – the network is down (and it can happen for a variety of different, legitimate reasons.)

Inductive Automation’s software department has added a feature called Session Invalidation Retry Count for their users’ mobile projects. This new option allows you to set the maximum number of reconnection attempts after an invalidated session, and fine tune it to your needs. When the connection is interrupted, the users will have a better experience with Ignition not trying to reconnect when you know that there’s no chance it will.

…and Over 40 Other Improvements

Other improvements and fixes that Ignition 7.9.9 has introduced to its Vision Module are scripting, expression, store-and-forwards, SQLTags, and many more. You can take a look at the Ignition user manual or read the changelog to see what exactly has been updated. Visit the download page if you want to try the software out, or reach out to us in the ideas portal for presenting your idea for improving the Ignition experience.

A SCADA system requires a stable network and hardware architecture to be high performing. When developing a system with Ignition software, you may encounter some issues, but the technicians from Ignition Software never stopped working on fixes and improvement. While patiently waiting for the v8.0, the v7.9.9 has been brought to help you transform your SCADA into a fast and responsive system.