What is Ignition Edge? It is a line of software products created by Inductive Automation. The software products are low-cost, limited, and lightweight, designed for embedding into OEM and field devices at the edge of the network. If you want to extend ignition gateway all the way to the edge, you’ll need Ignition Edge.

Why is Ignition Edge so beneficial? It can be expensive and difficult to capture and visualize data at the remote edge of the network. Ignition Edge makes edge computing more affordable and more comfortable than ever as it allows you to extend your system management and data collection.

Benefits and Features of Ignition Edge

There are three Ignition Edge Products – Panel, Enterprise, and MQTT by Cirrus Link. All Ignition Edge products share some significant benefits and features that make them ideal for edge computing.

Works Seamlessly with Ignition
Ignition Edge is deployed out to several clients and is designed to work on central servers. These products are installed on devices located at the edge of the network and allow you to build affordable and scalable enterprise-wide systems, using Ignition and Ignition Edge together.

Whether you have Linux, OSX, or Windows, all Ignition Edge products are designed to work on any of these operative systems. They can be installed on any industrial device and can also run on the newest edge-of-network devices (with the support of ARM processors).

Access Data from OPC-UA & PLCs Servers
Ignition Edge products have OPC-UA (OPC Unified Architecture – machine to machine communication protocol for industrial automation) along with the Allen-Bradley, Siemens, and Modbus suite of drivers. They also come with up to 500 tags, for secure PLC connection. As for drivers such as DNP3 and others that are supported by Ignition, they can install onto Edge products but for an additional cost.

Mix and Match Ignition Edge Products

Ignition Edge products are robust and engineered for the edge computing. They can be mixed and matched for creating more powerful and personalized solutions.

Edge has solutions to extend large-scale enterprise architectures efficiently as well as standalone computing solutions for remote MQTT data transmission and HMIs. MQTT is a lightweight pub/sub messaging transport module that provides bi-directional and fast communication. These are three powerful solutions you can choose from to use on a single device, or mix and match for a solution that’s more tailored to your specific requirements.

Poll Data at the Source
To reduce latency, improve data reliability, and make edge computing easy, install Ignition Edge next to, or right onto devices in the field or on the plant floor. Making device data the one source of truth will allow you to process data as close to the source as possible.

There is plenty of data in any manufacturing environment. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) says that usable data needs to be gathered and sent where it needs to be. It means that the information needs to be in the cloud, but also at the edge of the network. Ignition Edge is an excellent example of the capabilities being worked on by the industry.